No more saying “quack quack, seat back” because we opened up Reserved Seating in 30 more cities today!

Benefits include: 
•Guaranteed seats next to friends and family 
•Choice among 10 of the most-popular seats 
•Panoramic views, tables and more!

Check out the details in the infographic here ( to learn just how to go about booking these highly coveted Reserved Seats. Then once you’ve booked, just board the bus and kick back to embrace your awesomeness.

Reserved Seating opens in 30 more cities

GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS?? It’s an extra happy Hump Day in 30 cities because Reserved Seating kicks off today! This means you can avoid the restless nights, early morning alarms or pitching a tent at the arrival/departure location for a good seat — Reserved Seating has you covered!

On select routes, you can choose among 10 of the most-popular seats in the house….er, bus…and have a guaranteed spot next to your friends or family. Check out the full list of cities and a video with more information at


The Greatest Foodie Cities In America

Let’s be honest, the best part of vacation is the food; especially when you’re in a place with a local delicacy, which is often the case in cities across this great land.

Check out Huffington Post’s roundup of the great American cities that will win a spot on every foodie’s must-visit list. Then pack your bags… and your fork.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Never has a city shown such utter devotion to all things bacon. 

New Haven, Connecticut: You had us at “pizza.”

New Orleans, Louisiana: If you’re not a fan of gumbo, po’boys, Italian dishes and overall deliciousness, don’t visit. 

Providence, Rhode Island: There are more donut shops per capita than anywhere else in the country. Done. Deal.

Portland, Maine: Seafoodies, rejoice.

New York, New York: Say hello to bagels and burgers galore; oh, and F-I-V-E of the nation’s top 10 Italian restaurants. 

new haven pizza

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