Website Enhancements: Log-In Features

Happy Friday, friends! We’re back with more information about our new website enhancements.

Next up, the new log-in features! Have you ever tried registering for an account? Check out the top of the homepage. Bam. You’re able to log-in or register easily. As a registered user you can retrieve a forgotten password and access pending reservations right on the top of the homepage. Easy peasy. 

Website Enhancements

Have you visited our website today? You may notice quite a few enhancements! If not, check them out.

First up: Changing Your Reservation. Because you’re savvy customers you probably already knew you could always amend/trade-in your existing reservation; but now we’ve made it even easier! This can be done right from the home page, directly under “Search & Buy,” by visiting the area “View/Change Reservation.” Don’t worry; if you decide you want to keep your existing reservation and don’t want to trade it in anymore, there’s a clear “stop trade in” button at the bottom of the page. Simply click that and your original reservation will remain unaffected. Please note that if you’d like to amend or change your reservation, you still must do so more than 24 hours before your original trip is scheduled to depart. Stay tuned to learn more.