Best Sandwiches in the U.S.A

We’re back with more food recommendations! (Surprised?) 

Yahoo found the Best Sandwiches in the U.S.A. and we would have to agree that they look mighty tasty! 

Best Sandwich Shops

What’s not to love about a sandwich? Bread, meat or veggies, sauces and toppings galore. They make our mouth water! Thankfully, Food & Wine magazine put together the Best Sandwich Shops. Here are a few in cities.

  • Chicago: Xoco
  • New Orleans: Cochon Butcher
  • St. Louis: Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium
  • Boston: Cutty’s
  • New York City: Parm, No. 7 Sub
  • Ann Arbor: Zingerman’s Roadhouse
  • Minneapolis: Be’wiched
  • Houston: Revival Market

Can you tell we love food?