America’s Best BBQ Restaurants

There’s nothing better than a plate full of finger-lickin’ BBQ. We’d like to thank Travel + Leisure Magazine for making us drool over these pictures before lunch time! 

America’s Best BBQ Restaurants (in cities, of course):

  • Roper’s Ribs, C&K - St. Louis, MO
  • A&R Bar-B-Que - Memphis, TN
  • Jack’s Bar-B-Que, Mary’s Old Fashioned Pit Bar-B-Que - Nashville, TN
  • Oklahoma Joe’s, Arther Bryant’s, Gates Bar-B-Que - Kansas City, MO/KS
  • The Pit, Raleigh, NC

Hopscotch Music Festival

The Hopscotch Music Festival is almost upon us. Despite the name, this is no kiddie music festival - 135 bands will play over the course of three days Sept. 8-10 in Raleigh. This is the only the second year of Hopscotch, but it should be awesome with acts like the Flaming Lips and lots of other bands we’re not hip enough to recognize.

Tickets are pretty reasonable.. You can get a full 3-day pass for just $105!


These concert-goers look like fun….source: